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To invite or not to invite?


This is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make when planning your special day, here’s #bridalpa top 5 no no’s

  1. Your Long Lost best friends from school – if you have not spoken to them in 10 years don’t invite them (Facebook likes don’t count!)
  2. Estranged Friends or Family – This one is tough. Don’t just invite them because Mum and Dad say you have too! If you feel like you couldn’t possibly get married without this person in attendance then there in otherwise….
  3. Your Gym instructor, milkman, Dog Walker or the family doctor who cured your chicken pox – We get it. You see these people all the time and they probably know a lot about you but don’t feel pressured to invite these friendly faces just out of routine. Only extend an invite if you truly wish to see them there on the big day.
  4. The Friend Of A Friend Of A Friend – You grab drinks in a group every once in a while, but can you turn up at her house in a onesie no make up on, chick flick in hand?
  5. Your Exes- This one goes without saying. Unless you and your ex are miraculously close in a strictly platonic way (and your soon-to-be-spouse is on board) you can safely sort your exes stay away

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